Just a few weeks ago, I finished Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. I finished it in a week, which is pretty good for me. John Green is one of my favorite authors, although he doesn’t end his books very well. To see him collaborate with another author was really neat. I loved this story line, suspense was there all the time. I kind of disliked how the chapters went to each Will Grayson because I had to wait until the other chapter was done to find out. That kept the suspense going I guess. I did feel a connection to Will Grayson #2 (that’s how I told them apart) more than Will Grayson #1. I understood why he didn’t want Maura to know things and how he kept his distance. I loved his relationship with Isaac and that made me so happy. I was so happy for him until he got to Frenchy’s. I started making predictions and I really hoped it was just a “Catfish”. I never really thought it to be Maura, honestly. That made me heartbroken for him “Maura is a real bitch” were my exact words. I would have never forgiven her. I liked how they incorporated the two Will Grayson’s to meet each other. Will Grayson #1 should have really told Jane that he was the one requested the song. It was so sweet. I’m glad they ended up together. I kind of knew that Will and Tiny were not going to be a couple for long. They are too different, when they first kissed it blew my mind. Probably because I wasn’t thinking anything of it. I am glad that Tiny changed his play around. It was perfect, I wish I could have physically seen it. Will is lucky to have Gideon, he shouldn’t have apologized to Maura though maybe I’m just heartless. Overall, I liked the ending and I thought it was a great way to end the book.  I would really recommend this, if you love fiction! 


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