Attention: Spoiler Alert

I love how John Green portrays teenage romance differently than other authors. Augustus and Hazel had a special love, that made me very happy. His Dutch picnic was the cutest thing. He really did love her. What boy would spend his Wish on a girl? I was worried that Hazel wouldn’t be able to go but when they flew to Amsterdam, I was as angry as Hazel when Peter van Houten was a jackass and didn’t tell her what he promised her. Their first kiss wasn’t as magical but in their kind of way it was. Later on in the book, my feelings towards him changed when he showed up at Gus’ funeral. I was astonished when he showed up there. I’m glad Peter did tell her more about the book and I was not planning on Anna to be someone who was close to him, his own daughter. I figured as Hazel did that he treated her that way because he couldn’t face her. I did feel bad for him, no one should have to lose a child especially as young as she was. He sounded like a great father. During my reading, I had thoughts about how was to pass away first. My first intent was Hazel but towards the middle of the book, I thought Gus and then it happened. I wasn’t too surprised, but it hit my heart when I had to read that line. No tears, just sorrow. Gus was a lovely guy and a great friend. The things he had done for Isaac were incredible along with his words of encouragement. I giggled when he broke his basketball trophies and when they threw eggs at Monica’s car. Gus was also a witty guy, I liked that. He made me laugh from time to time. Hazel was also as interesting as Augustus. They were literally perfect for each other. I do wish the book had went on because I wanted to know if Peter would talk at Hazel’s funeral when she passed. It did get me interested in An Imperial Affliction, I may read it. Overall, I enjoyed this book greatly. I hope I enjoy the movie as much as the book. I would recommend this, it is a great Young Adult read. I gave this a 5/5

Watch the trailer here


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