This was my first Adult book (and my first time reading Augusten Burroughs) so I was aware that I would experience mature content. With that, I was correct. The first line of the book says it all after that I thought it would be focusing more on that throughout. It did, but many other characters were brought in with their crazy stories. I did not like how the characters and their stories were broken up. I know they all couldn’t be broken up by chapter but I just felt the broken up paragraphs made it a little confusing. At first, I felt it was hard to follow because there were many characters. I was interested when I got to the middle of the book (last 100 pages or so) and that is what continued me to read until the end. I felt that this book had a great story, I enjoyed reading it but it was not suspenseful until the middle in my opinion.. I wish it didn’t change from p.o.v to narration which I felt it did. If it would have been p.o.v the whole time, the book could have been different.  I can say that I was shocked about the outcomes of the various situations, mind blown. Although this is fiction, I think a few of them were unrealistic. II feel it was decent & a easy read, if I read the 240 page rather than the 229 pages I would probably have a different perspective. I would recommend this book, if you are interested in books dealing with scandals. I gave this book 3/5 because it was okay, I enjoyed the story but I didn’t necessarily love it. 


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