“Hi, I’m the guy who reads your e-mail, and also, I love you . . . ” 

This was my first Rainbow Rowell book and I loved it. The year is 1999. This is about a 28 year old man, Lincoln who has had a hard time finding what he is good at. He has enrolled in college twice and landed a job in a newsroom, The Courier. Lincoln’s job title is IT Security, he  is to monitor the computer and send warnings to employees who are using the work email for personal benefits. He ends up seeing an email between two friends, Jennifer and Beth but he can not bring himself to send them a warning because he enjoys reading their email. They felt like his friends, he said. The book goes on with Lincoln trying to better his life in all aspects such as his love life. I recommend this book 100%. I laughed so much during it, it’s a good pick me up book with a great story! I rated it a 4/5 stars on Goodreads.  

Beth and Jennifer’s conversations had me laughing most of the time. They were awesome, I probably would have read their emails as well. The invisible baby, Jennifer’s trips to Baby GAP and MCG sightings/alerts Beth and Jennifer had me hooked on their stories as much as Lincoln was. As much as they had me laughing, I was also sad. I really wanted Jennifer to be pregnant, for her sake and for Mitch’s sake I thought it would change their perspectives. Jennifer had started giving in and when she blamed herself for the miscarriage because she didn’t talk to the baby while it was in her stomach my heart broke for her. I didn’t see that coming at all or I didn’t want to see it coming. I was kind of relieved that Chris had broken up with Beth but it was terrible timing. I thought it was cute how he danced with her and didn’t care about her arms. He wanted to make her happy. I felt that once she saw Lincoln that her feelings for Chris decreased. She followed him wherever she could which was hilarious yet creepy. She tried to follow him home!!! Jennifer kept trying to talk her out of MCG but then she met him. Jennifer got to see that he was kind, caring and attractive. Haha. I imagined that scene, perfectly. It might have been my favorite. At the same time, it was like Lincoln and Beth were stalking each other but in different ways. It was cute and hilarious. I enjoyed Lincoln’s friends because they tried to get him out of his “Sam Slump”  especially Justin he was crazy. But, he ended up getting married before Lincoln which was shocking. I found it most funny when Sacajawea was the band playing at his wedding. I had thought since Lincoln and Justin went to most of Sacajawea’s concerts that Beth and Lincoln would meet then. I was proud of Lincoln for growing up a little. He took Doris’ apartment when she moved and I was so glad. His mom was too much, she did everything for him and it was unnecessary. Also,when he had the encounter with Sam at Blockbuster I was so glad he didn’t take her number he threw it away. I thought he would go right back to thinking about her. Good Lincoln. I wanted to see how Beth and Lincoln’s relationship played out but there was barely any of that. Overall,  I connected to these characters and didn’t want to let them go!

Have you read Attachments? Watch my video where I review about my favorite parts.


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