A coming-of-age tale of fan fiction, family and first love.

I devoured and absolutely loved this book! If you are unfamiliar with it, this is about twin girls Cath and Wren who are entering their first year of university.  Cath is a shy girl who writes Simon Snow fan-fiction which is similar to Harry Potter.  Wren is  the stereotypical college freshman who wants to live the ideal “college life” by partying.  The book shows Cath coming out of her comfort zone and feeling confident with herself. Throughout the book, the characters Cath and Wren experience family matters and love.  Besides Cath and Wren the other characters are just as funny! I highly recommend to read this if you haven’t read Rainbow Rowell, it is a must read!! Like all of Rainbow’s books, these characters do feel realistic. You will be laughing, gasping and smiling. 

I never wanted to stop reading this book. It was fantastic. I had read Attachments right before I read this and I agree with everyone else that Fangirl is better. This was such a different story, I’ve never read something like this before. I absolutely loved how you see throughout the whole book how Cath gains more confidence and is more open about the college experience. I loved Levi, if he was a real person I would want him as my best friend or even a significant other. Everything about this book was amazing. I would re-read it a thousand times. I was completely oblivious about the fact Levi had a crush on Cath just as Cath was. I think he was such a great person for her as a friend and a boyfriend. I would love to have random Starbucks drinks given to me. I liked how the places mentioned were familiar to me because that helped me to easily imagine the scene.  Even though Levi said he didn’t like reading I thought  Cath’s alternative was so cute! She spent the whole night reading him The Outsiders with water breaks. I have read the Outsiders so it was easy to relate to that scene. When they shared their first kiss, I was so surprised! Levi is now officially my favorite fictional character.  I was on Cath’s side when she was angry about her mom trying to reach out to her and Wren. I felt that Laura probably wouldn’t have been as big of a factor in the book and I was right. The scene when they are at the hospital, I thought Cath would have talked to her more about her feelings on their situation. I was angry at Laura for leaving the hospital without even seeing Wren first. I feel that scene in the book shows Laura to the fullest. I squealed when Levi was standing in the waiting room. I absolutely love how Rainbow Rowell writes her characters as if they were real. Levi had done the kind gestures a typical boyfriend would do. As side from Levi and Cath, I felt that Wren had her classic moments that made the book. She didn’t appreciate Cath as she should’ve but she showed her sister-likeness. As soon as Cath caught her at the bar, I knew drinking would become a problem. I’m glad that Cath and Wren still stayed close and their relationship didn’t fall apart. Cath really gained confidence towards the middle of the book and I was so proud of her when she stood up for herself when Nick tried to take the story. That made me so angry!  
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