John Green is one of my favorite authors. I have read 4/5 of his books and loved them: this one in particular. 
John Green did an outstanding job writing this story and I loved to have been able to read such a great book. I think many people (teen or not) can relate to this book in some way. The characters are funny and feel very realistic.I like that the book is not just focused on being a romance novel. It is a very realistic story and I applaud that. There are many messages brought out of this book and John captured them perfect. Life is really too short and I feel that was really shown in this book. You never know what is going to happen so you should live life day by day to the fullest because you really do not know what is in store for you tomorrow or the next day. This story really spoke to me, as it probably did for most. 
Full Book review here

I heard many great thoughts about this movie and I have some to share as well. This adaptation was spot on. Shailene, Ansel, and Nat did spectacular jobs portraying these characters. They were exactly how I had imagined these characters to be. They were perfect for these roles. My favorite scenes from the book were brought to life perfectly. The trophy scene, the gas station scene, Van Houten scenes and eulogy scene were exactly as I imagined and I am so grateful for these actors/actresses for doing a great job with them.
I know that every scene cannot be put into a movie but I was a little disappointed that some of the scenes that just make up this book weren’t put in and the incorporation of Isaac wasn’t enough for me. I might have just had high expectations going into it because John is my favorite author.  Besides that, I am so impressed with this film. I have never cried at movie in the theater and I cried so hard a this one and I think that is because I am just so proud of John for getting to this point in his career. Also, it was such a beautiful book and movie. I am so glad I was able to watch this and I cannot wait to see Paper Towns.


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