Title: We Were Liars
Author: E. Lockhart
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult, Magical Realism
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: May 13 2014
Hardcover: 240 Pages

This book is better to read without knowing anything
Please only read this review if you have read the book. Thank you!

Review:I loved this book so so much! I was blown away by the ending, I didn’t cry but I was definitely on the verge of tears. It was definitely a powerful book start to finish. At the beginning of chapter two, you are introduced to a family issue: Cady’s father leaving them. The metaphor used was fantastic. It had me re-reading that specific line continuously. I was on the fence about if her father did shoot her with a handgun or not. As I kept reading that page, I realized that it was a metaphor. It was written beautifully and perfectly. Throughout the book, you’re curious about her accident. Johnny, Gat, Mirren and Cady go off to a rock-covered surface and they are uncomfortable with Cady being there because of her accident. This gave me the impression that her accident is from jumping off the rocks. My mind was set on that. To focus on characters: I did not like Gat as soon as he was introduced. I had a bad feeling about him which was half right. I didn’t like how he mixed with Cady’s emotions. I am not a fan of people (fictional or not) who mislead others.  The littles did bother me especially when they were accusing Cady of being a “drug addict” and taking things that didn’t belong to them which worried me. So, I had the intention that something would happen with the littles. I felt for “the Liars” when their mothers wouldn’t let them mourn or show that their family did have problems just as any family. I loved how E. Lockhart included fairy tales that related to the families situation, that was definitely a bold aspect to the book. I enjoyed the scene where Johnny, Gat, Mirren and Cady write motto’s on their wrists. It was a good way to get to know the characters a little bit more. Johnny was my favorite character; he was witty, humorous and sarcastic. I laughed aloud at him.  The ending was very surprising. All the red flags did not stand out to me until then or when I watched other reviews of this book. I did not expect that to happen at all (which makes E. Lockhart a great author for doing so). Everything made sense: Will’s nightmares, Johnny’s mother wearing his wind-breaker, the emails they didn’t respond to. I thought the emails weren’t being replied to because they were angry at Cady for her accident. This was truely a great ending. I would definitely re-read this book because I feel that it is one of those books that re-reading you would notice details that you hadn’t picked up on the first time. I would like to thank E. Lockhart for this amazing book! 

I rated this 5/5 stars. It is definitely one of my favorite books! (also my first E. Lockhart book).  Highly recommend this as a great summer read! 

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