The Geography of You and Me Review

Title: The Geography of You and Me 
Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction
Publisher: Poppy
Publication Date: April 15 2014
Hardcover: 337 Pages
What It’s About:  This book is about two teenagers Owen and Lucy who meet at in the elevator at the hotel they live in.  From that point on, they are always together or thinking of each other. Until they both part ways once their parents move out of the hotel. They are miles away communicating through postcard! Changes are a big part of this book. If you are into cute light contemporaries, you may enjoy this!
My Rating: ☆ 
What I Thought: This was my first Jennifer E. Smith book and I thought it was good. I say just good because I wasn’t too happy with it.  It was a different romance story and I love reading that. The characters were older teenagers (17 and 18) and I thought that was very cool because most YA characters are usually 15-16 years of age. I didn’t read the description before reading and I am a huge predictor when I am reading, therefore getting into the book I had the impression that the book was going to be set in the elevator. But, that was not the case.  I was not expecting Owen and Lucy to be split up. Since they seemed to jump to different places a lot, I felt it was hard to keep up and kind of scattered. I did think the destinations were interesting and how the postcards came together. It was also interesting that Smith added technology through emails. Lucy would email but Owen would not reply until later on in the book, which was quite a nice touch. As I saw them move on, I was excited for them but disappointed. I was a bit skeptical with Lucy’s boyfriend because he was a jock, I was worried he would hurt her. For Owen’s new love interest I was happy for him. Then, Owen and Lucy meet up in New York. I liked how they both had the same feelings towards the trip but wouldn’t admit them. It was nice to see them reunite until they kissed and it went downhill. I read this in May and I honestly could not tell you the ending because I have forgot. However, I do have positive and negative opinions about this I did like it. 
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