Title: Beautiful Disaster (#1)
Author: Jamie McGuire 
Genre:  New Adult, Contemporary, Romance 
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: August 14 2012
Paperback:  416 Pages
What It’s About:  Abby Abernathy is starting a new beginning.  She is trying to delete the dark memories of her past.  She and her best friend, America are entering their Freshman year of college. Once she arrives her new beginning starts with a challenge. He is Travis Maddox the Eastern University’s Walking One Night Stand. They fall over obstacles left and right but little do they know they are actually soulmates. This is the first book in the trilogy. 
My Rating: ☆ 
What I Thought:  This was my first New Adult book and I loved it! I mean, I never put it down. I liked how realistic this book felt. Since I have finished my freshman year of college this year, I could relate to the characters. This was such a different romance story from others I have read and I liked that, a lot. At times I was getting frustrated with the characters specifically America, Travis and Abby. Also, I was indecisive about who I “shipped” more Travis&Abby or Abby&Parker. Depending on where I was in the book I was for one of the ships. I started to dislike the fact that Abby was kind of playing mind games with Parker but at the same time I realized that she just wanted to try something different. I absolutely loved both Parker and Travis’ admiration for Abby.   Travis always wanted to protect her, which was very heart warming. I love that they were friends first, the jokes they had were hilarious! My heart melted when he bought her Toto for her birthday. Adorable!! Aside from them, America bothered me the most. She would break up with Shepley out of nowhere! That made me angry.  Ending the book I was disappointed at the end when Abby proposed to Travis because I wanted there to be a cute proposal from him. But, I feel that this proposal really suited their relationship. I did like the fire scene added because it adds some suspense [when reading I was nervous] but it could be argued that it wasn’t needed. If I wasn’t already aware of Beautiful Oblivion focusing on Travis’ brother,  Trent I would have been more concerned about him in the fire. But, I will say that I had been thinking during that scene that maybe Trent doesn’t make it and the book is just written anyway. Although, I did enjoy it and I am planning on finishing out the series! 

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