Title: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour 
Author: Morgan Matson

Genre:  YA, Contemporary, Romance, Travel
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: May 3rd 2011
Paperback:  344 Pages
What It’s About: Amy and Roger have to get to certain destinations as they start their summer. Amy is recovering from her father’s death and Roger has baggage of his own. They have to get from California to Connecticut in four days. They try to make this road trip fun by going a different route – a detour.
My Rating: ☆ 

What I Thought: This was a very cute and interesting contemporary. Morgan Matson really makes you feel like you are on the road trip with these characters by adding pictures and being very descriptive. Throughout the book you see Amy changing by getting more comfortable with her father’s death. I like seeing character’s progress throughout the story and Morgan Matson did a great job of doing that. This story felt very realistic throughout the whole book.  You learn about Roger as much as you learn about Amy, which was nice.  Each destination meant something to each character. The reader is able to understand exactly why the characters chose that destination. I liked that I was able to see Amy & Roger’s friendship build as they went on their trip. Morgan also imported pictures from the destinations because she took the same road trip, which was a great touch. Who doesn’t love pictures? She also added playlists, receipts and a fact sheet about the destinations. She really made this book feel realistic and I cannot express that enough. Romance was added into the book towards the end which was good but disappointing. Amy and Roger show that they have feelings for each other just before Roger is going home!!!! You do get to see that they had a cheesesteak date but I would’ve liked some closure.  Speaking of closure, I am glad that Amy got some closure to her dad’s accident, going to see Elvis’ house was a great thing for her to do and her dad would’ve loved that. Also, her going to see Charlie (her twin brother). I was so proud and glad that she did all of that because it was needed. I rated this a 4/5 because I didn’t feel it deserved a 5. But, I did enjoy it because it was fun to read. 

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