booktitleTitle: Anna and the French Kiss
Author: Stephanie Perkins

Genre:  YA, Contemporary
Publisher:  Dutton Juvenile
Publication Date: Decemember 2nd, 2010
Paperback:  372 Pages
What It’s About: Anna thinks she is starting her senior year of high school in Arizona but when her father tells her he enrolled her in a boarding school in Paris she is devastated. She meets the irresistible, charming, gorgeous Étienne St. Clair and her whole life changes.
My Rating: 
What I Thought: I have heard about this book constantly on Booktube as I am new for 5months now. So, I decided to read it as the last novel ‘Isla and the Happily Ever After’ was released just recently. Whenever I am reading, I catch the writing styles immediately. I loved how well this was written. The details were perfect, so perfect I got hungry as Anna was eating pastries and I could picture the movie theater’s vividly. I did feel like I was roaming the streets of Paris and climbing the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I did feel that I learned some french terms that I wasn’t aware of before. For example, “wee” is actually spelled “oui”, how cool! I do like when a book teaches me. I enjoyed the characters. Meredith was lovely and I admired her Beatles obsession – she reminded me of myself a little bit. Josh is such a great friend and funny too! I wasn’t really feeling his relationship with Rashmi. She controlled him sort of and I wasn’t a fan of that.  Étienne and Anna had such a special bond. I could really relate to Anna because I am in the situation she was of loving someone with a girlfriend. Unfortunately, I haven’t experienced her happy ending. I did dislike Ellie, I felt that what she did to Rashmi was wrong along with how she acted towards Anna. I was very thrown off when Étienne received the news about his mother, that broke my heart for sure. I didn’t see that coming at all. But, that made the story feel realistic. I was very intrigued by Anna’s interest in film, that was so different and funny because she was in Paris. Every book has “your least favorite character” and for me, that was Amanda. I wanted to personally hit her and I was so glad Anna did that for me! Anna is so caring and to see that side of her was great. I am still not sure why, but I wasn’t really in love with this book as much as everyone else. It may have been because I could relate to Anna so much that I steered away from this. But, I couldn’t give you an answer. I enjoyed it but I didn’t feel a spark once I was finished. This is why I rated 4/5 stars. I’m sorry to everyone who does like it though!
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3 thoughts on “Anna and the French Kiss Book Review

  1. I’m a huge fan of this book (as well as the following two). If you weren’t 5/5 stars on this one, I bet you will be for either Lola or Isla. The three stories are very similar while also very different to each other… you’ll be able to appreciate and enjoy the stories without thinking of your own personal situation (like Anna’s – sorry to hear that you’re dealing with that :/)


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