Liebster Award


liebster award


I was nominated for the Liebster Award by readitandweep. This is my third nomination, so thank you!

  1. How long does it take you to finish a great book? It depends on my level of love for the book, if I can’t put it down it will take about 1-2 days. Average is 1-3 days.
  2. What do you think makes a wonderful book? Relatable characters that feel realistic,  interesting/attention grabbing story/plot, beautiful cover of course! and well-written.
  3. What is your favourite book series and why? I haven’t read as far as series. But, I do hope to finish out the Divergent series.
  4. How did you come to love reading? I was taking a required Reading course at my college and we had to log our reading & I just picked up a love for reading.
  5. What inspired you to create your book blog? I love writing and books. Simply, I wanted to share my thoughts with other book lovers aside from book vlogging.
  6. What is your least favourite book and why? Sellevision by Augusten Burroughs. It was the first Adult Fiction book I had read and it was just crazy. I reviewed it, if you’re interested in why I didn’t like it go read it!
  7. Favourite childhood book?  Corduroy by Don Freeman
  8. Which fictional character would be your best friend? Meredith from Anna and the French Kiss, we would get a long very well! We have the same interests.
  9. Where do you love to read? The beach, but that’s not always possible. I usually read in my bed or in the car.
  10. Do you read one book at a time or several? One at a time, I haven’t tried multiple yet.
  11. Do you like to keep your books clean or are they destroyed by the time you’ve finished reading it? Clean!


I will not be tagging or tagging questions because I have previously done that!

But, thank you again to readitandweep for the nomination!


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