booktitleTitle: The Spectacular Now
Author: Tim Tharp

Genre:  YA, Contemporary
Publisher:  Speak
Publication Date: November 1st 2008
Paperback:  256 Pages
What It’s About: Focused on the main character, Sutter Keeley. He is a teenage boy with a drinking problem. He is a senior in high school and has to get his act together. Then, he meets Aimee on her front lawn. Aimee becomes a major part of Sutter’s life and he is trying to “save her”.
My Rating: ★★
ATTN: If you haven’t read the book, please do not read below- there will be spoilers!
What I Thought: This was written so very well and had such a great message to it. This is definitely a book I would like to re-read. Sutter and Amy had great personalities – they contrasted each other. This really showed how someone coming into your life can change your life drastically; especially a boy. Sutter is an average kid, with average problems. His mother and step-father bother him, he has a job but… he has a problem with alcohol. Aimee comes into the picture when Sutter is passed out on her lawn. Having had read the book after watching the movie, I noticed many differences (movie review is coming). I could not believe how much Sutter actually changed Aimee’s life for the worst. Aimee was a sweet, quiet/shy girl who eventually developed Sutter’s bad habits. That was a huge twist for me. My favorite part though was when Sutter’s friends tried to have an intervention with him about what he has caused. That made this book feel realistic. This was a very realistic story and I have nothing but praise for the book. I also like when imagery is used and it was used in most of this book. I could picture the house party scene after prom very vividly, it was a classic scene. This book made me laugh quite a lot as well as gasp and make me nervous. This was terrific and I cannot wait to read more of Tim Tharp’s books.
 Movie review will be next week!
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