72 Hour Read-a-thon + TBR

One of my Booktube acquaintances, Sam (Samantha Books) started a read-a-thon!

Basically, it is self explanatory….

This is a 72-hour read-a-thon. This is just for fun & to challenge yourself – as every readathon is. No challenges are happening because it is considered a “mini” readathon. But! Twitter Sprints will be going on at various , by different Booktubers throughout the days.


Start Date: Monday, October 27th 12:00AM  End Date:Thursday,  October 30th 12:00AM

For more information: Goodreads Twitter Youtube 

Let me know if you will be participating!



Okay, so I am a college student and I also run a club on campus. But, that doesn’t stop me from participating. I have books to finish and this will just help me finish them (hopefully!)


The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin 

I am currently on p. 215 of 452 (Goodreads)

I am liking it a lot so far, it is very different from my usual reads.

Goal: Finish by Tuesday or Wednesday




2213661The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Currently: p. 100 of 312


Goal: Finish by Monday or Tuesday

Loving this! A great Halloween book 🙂





 10798418Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler 

If I can get to this, I want to read it since I have it on my shelf!


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