I was nominated..again! for the Liebster Award. Reviews will be starting up again shortly! Look forward for some in the next few Fridays!


I was nominated by Kat at Perusing Bookshelves. Thanks!

1. Do you prefer to read a physical book or on an electronic reading device? I want a e-reader, but I prefer physical copies – the smell, the texture, putting it on my bookshelf!

2. Rainy days or sunny days? Ah.. for reading? Rainy days.
3. Favourite reading spot? The beach or my bed.
4. Which genre of books do you like the most? Contemporary.
5. Which genre of books do you often avoid reading? Historical Fiction.
6. Stupidest thing you ever did in a bookstore? Hm…. I had a gift card & I gave the cashier the money before the card.
7. How do you feel about cover changes? Depends on my feelings toward the cover before it was changed. If the cover is prettier than the previous one, I am all about it. If not, I’m not happy.
8. Do you read in the shower/bathtub? Nope!
9. Book you’re currently reading? I am currently reading ‘Why We Broke Up’ by Daniel Handler & I am LOVING IT!
10. Use five words to describe yourself! Sarcastic. Friendly. Kind. Outgoing. Wise.
11. Young Adult or New Adult? …Both!
12. List 5 fandoms you’re in. Hockey. Nerdfighters. SDK. The Beatles. One Direction.
13. Do you have the habit of reading before bed? Yes, because I’ve heard that it’s better to read before going to bed than on your computer or phone because of the lighting. (idk?)

Thank you again to Kat for nominating me!



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