booktitle Title: Landline
 Author: Rainbow Rowell

 Genre:  Adult Fiction, Contemporary
 Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press
 Publication Date: July 8th 2014
 Hardcover:  310 Pages
 What It’s About: Georgie McCool and her husband, Neal’s marriage has been in trouble. Georgie and Neal had plans to go to Omaha  for Christmas with Neal’s family. Georgie’s job prevents her from going with Neal and their kids. During this time, Georgie discovers her yellow rotary phone calls 15-years back. Georgie uses this to fix her marriage.
 My Rating: ★★
ATTN: If you haven’t read the book, please do not read below- there will be spoilers!
What I Thought: I couldn’t relate to the characters in this book as much because I am only twenty. Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The story was very interesting and different. It kept me engaged from beginning to end – so much that I didn’t want to let go. When reading, I could visualize the scenes (party, office, etc.) perfectly. Especially when Neal and Georgie were “talking”. The reader is introduced to Georgie & Neal’s relationship before marriage. I was glad I got to learn about them instead of just knowing them throughout marriage. They had a cute and awkward love story, I was laughing and gasping through their days before dating. What’s a Rainbow Rowell book without humor, though? I may have liked 1998 Neal more than 2013 Neal. Their feelings for each other were so real. I liked that Georgie could experience what she had been missing about Neal such as the scene when they are staying up late on the phone. Despite their problems, Neal and Georgie were great parents. The reader learns about Georgie during her pregnancies which was impressive by the way, Georgie is a trooper! Neal’s love for Alice and Noomi was expressed greatly. He is a great stay-at-home dad and I give him 10 points to Gryffindor because he reads Harry Potter to Alice! The kids were written very realistically through dialogue when they call Georgie for a few minutes then hang-up. I did want to see Georgie go home to her house rather than keep wearing Neal’s clothing for days and staying at her mom’s house. But, I understood that the phone wouldn’t fit into the story unless she stayed there. Fast forwarding to the ending, Georgie catches a flight to Omaha on Christmas Eve. There’s a delay and she sees a couple near her and I’m thinking that’s Georgie and Neal!!!! I think I was wrong.. but who knows?  She gets a ride from them and takes the girlfriend’s clothes – haha!- and arrives at the house. It was a perfect ending and great imagery to capture the end of the book. This was incredible and I would re-read it 1 million times.
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 This book was a read for my book club, Booktopia. Landline was our pick for November’s theme: Time Travel. The liveshow will be Sunday, December 7th @ 7pm EST on my channel. Join the club!

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