booktitle Title: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Book Store 
 Author: Robin Sloan

 Genre:  Contemporary, Fantasy
 Publisher:  Picador
 Publication Date: October 2013
 Paperback:  288 Pages
 What It’s About: “Suspicious, Clay engineers an analysis of the clientele’s behavior, seeking help from his variously talented friends. But when they bring their findings to Mr. Penumbra, they discover the bookstore’s secrets extend far beyond its walls. Rendered with irresistible brio and dazzling intelligence, Robin Sloan’s Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore is exactly what it sounds like: an establishment you have to enter and will never want to leave” (Goodreads)
 My Rating:  ★★★★☆
ATTN: If you haven’t read the book, please do not read below- there will be spoilers!
What I Thought: This book was delightful. As a book lover, I could relate to the characters because they cherish books so much. Technology enters this book in many ways, which was interesting. From Google, to simply audio-books this book took a turn in the direction of the Internet. I wasn’t expecting technology to have an impact in the plot of this book. But, I did not expect it to be like this, at all.  This was a nice, interesting story. Very different from anything I have ever read. Kat was a very nice touch, I loved her character. I thought she was amazing. I didn’t think there would be a love interest and I was okay with that until we met her and I enjoyed her! She was very witty and just awesome. Clay’s roommates: Mat and Ashley had great personalities as well, they captured Clay’s life very well. Clay was seen as a guy who just got out of college and ended up at a bookstore for a new job. I’m glad there was also a focus on his life rather than the problem and the bookstore. New York was written very descriptively and being there myself a few times, I could relate to where they were going or heading especially at the train station.  I am not familar with typography or coding just books and the interwebz but the journey Clay took to solve the mystery was enjoyable! I love mystery and books so therefore, this was the perfect book for me. Although, I rated this 4 or 4.5/5 stars because I did have a problem with Clay’s dialogue when it says he ‘wonders’ & the conversation still going, I didn’t know that he was still talking.  I was amazed towards the end of this book, I liked the way it ended. It was the definition of a happy ending.
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Rosemary, why do you love books so much?”
“Well, actually, I love books because books are my best friends.
The right book exactly, at exactly the right time.
Our books still do not require batteries. But, I am no fool. It is a slender advantage”.
“Books: boring. Codes: awesome. These are the people who are running the internet”. – Video Review

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