Bout of Books 12.0 – Character Coupling

Bout of Books

Today’s challenge is being hosted by Writing My Own Fairytale 


  1. You must take two characters from two different books and put them together in a relationship. Make sure you list the book and author that the characters comes from.
  2. You must explain why you put them together.
  3. The relationship is up to you (friendship, romantic, parental, etc.), let’s just keep it appropriate, please.
  4. Characters must come from different books and series. Same author is okay with me as long as they aren’t in the same series or a companion series.
  5. Post your couple wherever you are updating your progress. It can be your blog, Twitter, Goodreads, YouTube, etc. You’ll need the link to post in the Rafflecopter for the giveaway.


 Here’s mine: 

Lara Jean is actually in love with Park)?!? I think they would make a perfect couple! They are both quiet and independent. Park would cherish her, they would bake cookies together and share their interests. I bet Lara Jean could warm up to his music tastes. Park’s mom would certainly approve! She could be the motherly figure that Lara Jean needs. They would be so cute! If Lara Jean can date Peter, she could date Park!



One thought on “Bout of Books 12.0 – Character Coupling

  1. I loved Eleanor & Park and have been meaning to read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before for a long time! Now I want to read it even more! Thanks for playing today and great couple!


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