Tuesday Talks is where we discuss certain topics covering books, authors, libraries, bookstores and so much more.

Today’s topic: Dating Non-readers? 

I have had my fair share of  boyfriends who weren’t into reading as much as I do. They just don’t understand when I’m reading and would like to be left alone, or when I don’t answer a text for about twenty minutes because I was really invested in the story, or participating in a readathon. They just didn’t understand. But, I learned to manage. It can be very hard to date non-readers. They want to be interested, but honestly they have no clue what you’re saying. I haven’t dated a reader, but I was pretty close to. We met on an alternative spring break trip our college organized, it was a community service based trip for a week. Anyway, we read on the bus to the site back to the house and talked about books. I was rereading TFIOS at the time and I wasn’t much of an avid reader. It was great to have someone to talk to about books. It would be ideal to date an avid reader, someone who would understand my love for books, we could fight over being jealous of our fictional crushes (how cute?!?), have reading dates, (OMG!!) going to see book-to-movie-adaptations together, ahhhh. In conclusion, I don’t mind dating a non-reader because sometimes you can make someone a reader. I know that the guy I mentioned, he made me want to read more and look where I am now! Eventually, when the next boyfriend comes… he may not like reading but he better like hockey.

Right now, I don’t have that. So, Levi will do for now..



There’s my Tuesday Talks for this Tuesday. I hope you all have a great day, stay warm & safe as the weather is crazy today and happy reading! 🙂



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