(This post is a day late, sorry guys!) Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely followers! Even if you’re not spending today with a significant other, you’re probably spending it with your book boyfriend/girlfriend(s)! I decided to do the ‘Bookish Love’ Tag.

1. Name your top 3 book boyfriends: Levi from Fangirl, Bishop from Panic, and Oliver Wood from Harry Potter. 
2. 3 OTPs: Lola/Cricket (Lola & The Boy Next Door), Margo/Quentin (Paper Towns, Adam/Mia (If I Stay)
3. Favorite first kiss: Eleanor and Park! 
4. What couple had the greatest sexual tension? Travis and Abby from Beautiful Disaster, they started out as friends – Abby slept at his house for a few months!  

On Valentine’s day, which couple would…
5. …go to a fancy restaurant: Stuart/Jubilee from Let It Snow. Stuart is the type of guy to make everything special for his girl! 
6. …have a quiet picnic/walk on the beach: Hazel/Gus from TFIOS! They are big fans of picnics 😉
7. …stay at home and watch Netflix: Clay and Kat from Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hr Bookstore. 
8. …go dancing!: This is tough… I’m going with Wren/Jaques from Fangirl, hahah. Wren is very outgoing and a party animal, I think she best fits this question! 


9. What couple do you want to get together? Seth and Georgie from Landline, even though she’s married to Neal… Seth is perfect for her. 😦
10. What couple do you HATE that everyone else LOVES?  I don’t hate couples really.  Hm.. I know there is mixed reviews about Ed and Min from Why We Broke Up, I’m going to choose them. I just didn’t really feel anything for them, I didn’t think they were ‘cute’ just didn’t have a thought for them. Probably need to re-read that book. 

Anyway, that’s the Bookish Love Tag, created by Novel Noise on Youtube.

I tag UnquenchableReads, PerusingBookshelves, & Goodgirlkills anyone else who wants to!


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