It’s my 21st birthday!!! Everything has changed for the better while I was twenty. 

  • I developed two new hobbies. 
  • I started Booktubing and blogging. 
  • I started reading more. 
  • I read 30+ books. 
  • I met some great people who I call my internet friends. 
  • I saw some great concerts. 
  • I met new people. 
  • I eat new foods. 
  • I became more confident with my decisions. 
  • I watched some new tv-shows. 
  • I reconnected with Gilmore Girls. 
  • I watched the all of the seasons of Gilmore Girls. 
  • I met my favorite hockey player, Wayne Simmonds. 
  • I won a Philadelphia Flyers contest. 
  • I went to three hockey games. 
  • & I met a terrific guy 🙂


I’ve had a great year and I just wanted to recap all the great things I’ve gotten to do. Now, I hope to do even better things this year.


  1. Try something new. (anything, could be food or something risk-taking)
  2. Get my drivers license. (yep. I don’t have it. Still!)
  3. Get a tattoo. 

Thanks for a great year, everyone!


 “and if eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” – Lorelai Gilmore
” My mom and I have been planning for my 21st birthday since… well, my first memory is kindergarten, but I have a feeling she was talking about it before that. We had this whole big thing planned.” – Rory Gilmore
“I can’t believe Rory’s turning 21. It seems like just yesterday she was crying because you told her Charlotte Bronte couldn’t come to her sleepover because she’s dead.” – Sookie St. James

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