Gilmore Girls 30 Day Challenge – Day 1


I found a 30-day challenge for Gilmore Girls on a Tumblr blog, tookieclothespins. I thought I would try it out on here for the month of June. There are prompts for each day to write about. Wish me luck and check back every day 🙂




Day 1. Are you a Lorelai or a Rory?

This wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be, because I am totally a Rory! I’ve taken many BuzzFeed quizzes that have told me that I’m a Rory. As I watched all the episodes I was surprised each time at how much Rory and I are similar.

Here are bullet points on why I am Rory Gilmore: 

  • We both have a small group of friends or one best friend.
  • We LOVE coffee.


  • We have had some meaningful relationships.
  • We love to read! 


  • Burgers & fries, please.
  • We’re sarcastic.
  • We make good judgement and wise decisions.
  • We love to write.
  • Academics are important to us- I’m currently studying to be a early-ed teacher.
  • We don’t mind sitting in on a Friday night or weekend.
  • We love making lists.
  • We have great relationships with our mothers.




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