Gilmore Girls 30 Day Challenge – Day 4


I found a 30-day challenge for Gilmore Girls on a Tumblr blog, tookieclothespins. I thought I would try it out on here for the month of June. There are prompts for each day to write about. Wish me luck and check back every day 🙂


Day 4. Is there anyone in your life that you know a character HAS to be based off of because they are so similar?

I have to think very hard about this… I don’t think I have anyone in my life that is really similar to one of the characters, but some of my friends have qualities like the characters.

For instance, one of my best friends from high school is definitely my Lane despite the fact that she likes show tunes but has gradually progressed into listening to what we call, “normal music” such as All Time Low, Fall out Boy, etc and she loves books as much as me. I would say we’re Rory & Lane, somewhat.

My boyfriend has some Dean-like qualities. He’s very caring and will do things I want even if he doesn’t want to. Like, forcing him to see book-to-movie adaptations with me ( ha ha!). He doesn’t have a southern accent, sadly. But, I would consider him to be a mixture of Dean and Jess, because he likes books and can be sarcastic.

I so wish I had a Sookie in my life, forreal. Sookie is basically Rory’s second mom. But, I don’t 😦

One of my best friends does remind me a little bit of Paris because she has Paris-like qualities. She likes to be in charge and sticks to her opinion and no one else’s. She hates to be wrong, but we love her nonetheless.

Therefore, I don’t really have a person that is dead-on a Gilmore Girls character.





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