Gilmore Girls 30 Day Challenge – Day 8


I found a 30-day challenge for Gilmore Girls on a Tumblr blog, tookieclothespins. I thought I would try it out on here for the month of June. There are prompts for each day to write about. Wish me luck and check back every day ๐Ÿ™‚


Dayย 8. Whatโ€™s the one Stars Hollow town event that you want to attend/recreate in you own town?

just one??? Ugh! There’s so many great ones. I would go with the Snowman Building Contest or the Festival of the Living Arts – I love that episode it’s one of my favorites. I’d love to see it happen in my suburban town.

enhanced-5591-1401818410-1ย ย enhanced-6804-1401818573-1


What Stars Hollow event would you like to attend?


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