Gilmore Girls 30 Day Challenge – Day 11


I found a 30-day challenge for Gilmore Girls on a Tumblr blog, tookieclothespins. I thought I would try it out on here for the month of June. There are prompts for each day to write about. Wish me luck and check back every day 🙂

Day 11. If you could have had a crossover episode with Gilmore Girls and any other show, which show would it be?

Oooh…This is interesting. I don’t watch many shows, but…I’m thinking 2 Broke Girls, Max and Caroline would fit perfectly in Stars Hollow, that would be so great! I think Caroline would like it, most. They could work at Luke’s!!! Max and Lorelai would get along perfect. Ugh! I wish this could happen.

img-allshows-2-broke-girls          keeping-your-priorities-straight


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