The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy

 Author: Jenny Han
 Genre:  Young Adult, Contemporary

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster

The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy: The Summer I Turned Pretty; It's Not Summer Without You; We'll Always Have Summer
Note: This is my first trilogy review. May contain spoilers. 

Goodreads Summary:

Belly has always lived for the summertime because it means all her favorite things: swimming, the beach and the Fisher boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. She has spent every summer with them at Cousins Beach for as long as she can remember. She has always been in love with Conrad and finally, one summer, it seems like he might have feelings for her too. But it turns out, so does Jeremiah.

As the summers go on, Belly has to choose between two brothers who love her as she comes to the realization that she will have to break one of their hearts.

For the first time, all three Summer novels are in one collection, including The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always Have Summer


The Summer I Turned Pretty (Book #1)

beachsign_julesonthewaterThis book starts off clean and cute. We meet our main character Belly (Isabel), 15 as she’s arriving at the beach house she stays at every summer on Cousin’s Beach with her brother, Steven. The intro to this was really perfect because we weren’t just thrown into the beach house, we are introduced to Steven and Belly’s sibling relationship on the way to Cousin’s. We meet Conrad and Jeremiah, the two boys Belly and Steven have grown up with. Belly & Steven’s mother, Laurel is best friends with their mother, Susannah/Beck. In this book, we learn a lot about Belly’s childhood especially her  first times such as her first kiss who was Jeremiah.

This is more of an introduction to Belly’s feelings and relationship with the older brother, Conrad. Conrad is very jerky here and his jealousy gets the best of him. I didn’t like him in this, but Jeremiah made me swoon! Belly meets a new guy, Cam Cameron and he’s so nice to her. But her childish acts get the best of her. She started to annoy me a lot because of her decisions and actions. Steven bothered me as well because he never let Belly hang out with him and the boys so I was glad he left but I felt that he still needed to be there. It kind of felt very awkward without him. This ends very sad with Beck’s cancer coming back and my heart just broke a little.

I loved the flashbacks because they made sense to what just happened or what was coming. This book was really family-oriented which I loved, Susannah & Laurel were so lovely! The dialogue was spot-on, boys can be hard to write and Jenny Han did a great job! Especially with Conrad and Steven. I really enjoyed this because it brought me to continue the trilogy.

Rating: ★★★

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It’s Not Summer Without You (Book #2)

This was the hardness book for me to get through. I was just depressed and sad the whole time. Beck dies in May and we’re set two months after her death. This book really captured grief beautifully and realistically. Conrad goes MIA and his summer schooling isn’t doing so well. Belly isn’t sure what to do and just wants to mourn. We see more of Laurel and her relationship with the boys + her promise to Beck really kick in. She’s with Beck every day before her last days. Conrad is a main focus in this book because he’s dealing with his mother’s death in an aggressive way (the fights with his dad and Jere). He just keeps remembering Take care of him, Connie. We get to see where Belly & Con’s relationship stands and what has happened since their outing in the winter. Belly finds her necklace, the infinity necklace and just takes it- which I disliked. We see a very different side of Belly in this book, especially when the boys let her get super-duper drunk – not acceptable! We also see Taylor again – never liked that girl and she is way more annoying and snippy this time around.

Basically, we’re left with a crazy ending! Jere kisses Belly and Con is his jerky self again! 

All of my emotions came out in this book, I hated Mr. Fisher more than I have because of his decision to sell the summer house NOT OK! Then Laure steps in and saves the day! Thanks, Laure ♥

Rating: ★★★ 

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We’ll Always Have Summer (Book #3)

155a4a03938c64eddae49dacd12081cdA couple years later… Belly is ending her freshman year of college and has been dating Jere for two years. She has a new friend, Anika and Taylor has followed her to college. Jere is in a fraternity and Conrad transferred to school in California. Jeremiah and Belly are planning to go back to Cousin’s after their finals but things change at Jere’s fraternity party when Belly over hears that he cheated on her while they were on a”break” during Spring Break. And, that’s basically how it starts off. To redeem himself, Jeremiah proposes *gasp*. They keep this a secret from their family until the night of Susannah’s garden ceremony at dinner, Jere blurts it out. Mr. Fisher and Laurel are not in favor of this decision while Steven and Conrad are appalled. I thought that they should wait and Belly shouldn’t have accepted it because HELLO THEY’RE ONLY 18.   The couple rebels against the family and start planning the wedding. Belly learns how hard it is to plan a wedding with a very low budget and with just the help of Taylor. Laurel & Belly’s relationship changes drastically when Belly won’t come to the conclusion to not get married. This is where we get to see Laurel and Isabel’s relationship for what it was, their mother/daughter relationship really stands out in this book. It gets so bad that Belly moves into the summer house until the wedding. The same place Conrad is staying…They get along pretty well and Con stays out of her way. He’s super cute in these scenes!! This is kind of where I change to #teamconrad but I’m still not settled on the marriage idea. Belly doesn’t end up marrying Jere because Conrad confesses his love and changes  Belly’s mind once again. (YAY!!) Enter Jere/Con fight!! Jere basically smashes Con’s face in for messing with Belly’s feelings, but Jere comes to realization that he’s not who should end up with her…

tumblr_m988voq64B1qlccb8o1_1280I actually teared up a lot near the end of this book—any mention of Susannah basically— The letters on their wedding day just made me super emotional (this may be the first book to actually make me cry!) The ending was perfect, we see Conrad reaching out to Belly while she’s studying abroad in Spain. They’re in their late 20s and Con’s really trying to win her back. Eventually, he does and do do do do do BELLY MARRIES CONRAD ♥♥♥♥ I love how Jenny Han closed the trilogy this way because we really get to see Belly grow from childhood to adulthood. We’re shown that she’s ready for the next chapter in her life and they’re not just doing it on a wim. PERFECTION. Jenny Han has done it again.

Rating: ★★★★  

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I really enjoyed reading this and it’s the first trilogy I’ve finished as I started reading again – what an accomplishment! I suggest that if you’re into love triangles, family & emotion then this may be the perfect summer read for you!



6 thoughts on “Spoiler Trilogy Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

  1. I really enjoyed the trilogy and bought the book that comes with all the parts together. I don’t find it anywhere but I feel like how things ended or the nonspecific details she gave in the last chapter has me thinking that maybe there could be another book or there could be, maybe even a movie since the story line was so good and well written. But yes the last chapter left me with so many questions like what “adventures” did Isabel had in Spain, what did Conrad letters said, how did she and Jere became good friends again, or did they? How did the family reacted to her marrying to Conrad or how did he propose? What happened after she saw him at her graduation? How did she loose her virginity? Was it a perfect moment like she hoped for? So many questions left, I just have a feeling that she might come with another book.. but how could I even know? I wish there was a way for me to ask directly.. what are your thoughts on that ?


    1. Hi! This was actually published in 2009 and the last book came out in 2011. I think she’s complete with the trilogy. But, she does have another trilogy To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before that I really love and the last book is coming out this year! I feel like a lot was answered in the last book and the last chapters. So I can’t really answer your questions! I would like to see it as a movie, though!


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