I found a 30-day challenge for Gilmore Girls on a Tumblr blog, tookieclothespins. I thought I would try it out on here for the month of June. There are prompts for each day to write about. Wish me luck and check back every day 🙂

Day 16. What do you think Rory is doing right now?

Gilmore-girls-season-3-16  gilmore-girls57

Hm…This is a good question. 15 years later.. I think she’s a successful journalist for the NY Times and living in New York with Jess or maybe a guy she met during Obama’s tour (her husband). She’s pregnant with her first child, a girl. She’s still always in touch with Lorelai, Christopher and Emily. She’s taken on Lorelai’s habits such as drinking coffee 24/7, having movie marathons and eating out. OR SHE WROTE A BOOK. Rory Gilmore: A Memoir AHHH that would be amazing. Rory sees Lane; they set a day out of each month to take time to see each other. So many things that could’ve happened to Rory, all good things.


What do you think Rory is up to now, 15 years later?




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