After hearing about Smartling, a translation software. I began to ponder about books being translated into different languages. I never thought about it before until now because I only speak English, I just thought about my language. It’s crazy to think about how many books are being translated for other parts of the world to read. I wonder about Book Clubs, you’re reading the chosen book for that month but what if other members are reading the book in their language and not English. What an interesting concept to think about…

15745753Since I am a contemporary lover, my favorite contemporary/young adult author is Rainbow Rowell. She writes preferably in the 1980s. Rainbow’s debut Young Adult novel, Eleanor & Park is set in the year, 1986. The language of this is written extremely well, I wasn’t born until 1994 so I didn’t experience what it was like in the 1980s but by reading Eleanor & Park I was able to capture what it was like in Omaha, Nebraska as a teenager in 1986. The descriptions Rainbow writes helps the reader understand for example, they have tapes and records as well as no cable. Eleanor & Park use house phones *gasp* and have to actually write down each others numbers. . I don’t know Rainbow Rowell personally, I’m still striving to be BFFs with her but when I read her books I feel like I do. Her personality comes out in her writing because her stories are mostly based on some of her own experiences and they’re always set in her hometown; Omaha, Nebraska. But…what if I never gotten the opportunity to experience 1986 through this book.  THANK YOU TRANSLATION SOFTWARES!

Personally, I never had an interest in learning another language and have never read a translated book. English is my primary language. But, as I think about language and literature…It’s amazing that the publishing world has changed so much to the point where we can translate literature into Chinese! Language is such an important aspect of our daily lives especially as readers. We are introduced to new characters and the way they talk as our favorite authors write their dialogue.  Rainbow’s books have been translated into nearly 80 languages! :O



Just think about it…without translations some of our favorite novels would be stuck in the original language they were written in! Thank the heavens for translation, I’d never have reading in my life if none of the books I *now* love were written in a language I didn’t know.

Language is a beautiful thing. What are your thoughts on translated books? Do you read books in different languages or your primary language? Let’s talk.




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