Happy Father’s Day!

Happy-Fathers-Day-2Last year for Father’s Day, I did a post on my favorite fictional father’s. I’m here to do that again. So.. here are some of my favorite fathers from Young Adult/Contemporary novels.



1. Mr. Spier – Simon’s family is great. But, his dad is even greater. He’s very accepting of Simon for who he is and he’s a huge fan of the Bachelor. I loved his character, a lot. Despite the gay jokes he told from time to time.







2. Neal – As a father, Neal does his job great. He is a stay-at-home dad and raises two little girls. He gave up his dream job so that his wife, Georgie could pursue her career in TV writing. He read his oldest daughter Harry Potter and for that, he’s awesome.




16101168 3. Andy & Nathan Nolan – LOLA’S DADS ARE PERFECTION. The way they support Lola wholeheartedly is amazing, besides their disapproval of her boyfriend. They adopted Lola from Andy’s (i think) sister and have loved her ever since. They really show how much they care about her throughout this story. Also, they’re hilarious.






4. Mr. Sullivan – Hadley’s father was her best friend growing up, but now since the divorce she hasn’t been very happy with him. From her childhood flashbacks, we learn that Hadley and her father shared an interest in books. Hadley’s father would read her books from his library every night. In the end, he was pretty alright.






5. Mr. Covey – He did a helluva good job raising three daughters on his own. They can come to him for advice, most of the time. He can embarrass them from time-to-time, but he just wants what’s best for his daughters and you can truly see that in this duology.





See my video on my favorite TV fathers and YA fathers.

[youtube https://youtu.be/BltMnMbAljg ]

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