I saw Paper Towns on July 23rd for Night on the Towns which means I saw it a night early + a Q&A.

This is a spoiler free review to tell you my thoughts in case you are contemplating on seeing it. THE ANSWER IS YES. PLEASE GO SEE IT. 

I came into this movie with high expectations and I feel that my expectations were met.

The characters were portrayed perfectly, the cast did a great job bringing the characters to life. Radar was the nerdy, obsessed, down-to-earth guy I’ve read about and Ben was still the “honeybunny” crazy, life-of-the-party guy we all know.

Nat Wolff is such an underrated actor and he did an excellent job playing Q. He IS Q. He showed Q’s nervousness in the beginning and then his determination to find Margo in a way that I knew and loved. I never doubted him for a second that he couldn’t pull off an amazing Q.

The dialogue was very on point. I had read the book days before going to the theater so everything was fresh in my mind and the script was almost word-for-word beginning to end. It was like I knew what was coming next.

Laughter filled my theater numerous times because Ben is freaking hilariousAlso surprise cameos appear.

They did cut some things out – but that’s for the sake of “protecting the book” (Nat said in Q&A). I felt that they did a good job with the things they cut out and shortening up the movie.

Angela is featured in the roadtrip and I really loved that. Angela is a character we don’t get too much of. So, I was glad she got more air time! She was great, btw.

I was able to see the livestreamed Q&A after the movie and Nat said  something on the lines of “If this movie made you feel the same way it did when you read the book. Then, it was a great movie” and I really agreed with him. You could really see how much he put into this movie and how much he loved this book – as much as I do. That made me really happy.

This book means the world to me and I couldn’t have asked for anything more than they gave me with this film. They really made this a fantastic book-to-movie adaptation.

Please, don’t contemplate on seeing this. Go see it because it’s great. It’s truly great and I’m not just saying this.






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