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I was tagged by Rabbit Ears Productions Blog to do this tag. This tag was created by Rabbit Ears Production Blog and you can see the original post here. Thank you for tagging me!


1. The Fool and the Flying Ship:  Favorite Book that made you laugh






2. The Velveteen Rabbit:  Favorite Book that made you cry

( THIS ALMOST made me cry, I haven’t cried at a book yet…. oops)









 John Henry:  Favorite Book that inspired you








The Legend of Sleepy Hollow:  Favorite Book that scared youunbecomingofmaradyer

This didn’t scare me, but this is a scary trilogy. I haven’t really read many “scary” books.





17020The Emperor and the Nightingale :  Favorite Book that took place in a foreign country


This is set in Europe and the main character goes throughout all of Europe following the instructions of 13 Little Blue Envelopes her dead aunt left for her. IT’S AMAZING.






18692431 Follow the Drinking Gourd:  Favorite Book about Diversity


This is the most diverse book I’ve ever read. Read it, b/c Nicola Yoon is GREAT.





9627755East of the Sun West of the Moon:
  Favorite Book about Romance






13262783How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin and How the Camel Got His Hump:  Most Unusual Book You’ve Read


This story is very unusual…But, it’s brilliant and my favorite book ever.




Pe10507293cos Bill:  Favorite Book that was adventurous and action packed


All I could think of cause’ I don’t really read many action-packed books.





The Bremen Town Musicians:  Favorite Book about Friendship


This is such a good book about friendship. The main character learns about friendship & it’s wonderful.





3213286A Gingerbread Christmas:  Favorite Book that was holiday themed








Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby:  Favorite Book with a rivalry between two characters


This is all I could think of, really.





The Five Chinese Brothers:  Favorite Book about family


Agh! My favorite book that focuses on family ❤





CorduroyAnansi:  Favorite Book that has animal characters

This is all I could think of…my favorite children’s book, of course!






Rip Van Winkle:  Book you fell asleep through


I was just bored of this.. & I didn’t finish it. I got like 20 pages in and said “meh.”




Thank you again to @RabbitEarsProductions for the tag! 


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