Hello! Today I have my Travel TBR because I’m traveling to Florida (Ft. Lauderdale & Orlando) on Friday, October 9th until Saturday, October 17th. I’ll have video footage & pictures to include in a blog post, don’t worry! I limited myself to bring a few books. So, in this video I show them! Hope you enjoy 🙂



BOOKS: (click the picture to go to Goodreads)

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  • Future Perfect – This was released October 6th (yesterday!!) & I realized that b/c I don’t know how to read physical ARCs. The side of the book said 10/15 so I assumed that was the date.. Oh, well! I’ll definitely be reading it when I have time during vacation b/c I love the story!
  • A Little Something Different – This is a short book, so maybe I’ll read it on the plane. It’s an adorable contemporary about a boy and girl meeting in Creative Writing class. AWWW!!
  • CARRY ON!!!!! – I pre-ordered this and I have it and I’m so so so happy. I’ve already started it and I love it cause’ I love Rainbow Rowell, I may finish it by Friday which would be amazing… if not, It’s coming with me as my…CARRY ON. My boyfriend made that joke, so credit to him.


  • The Sister Pact – I need to get started on reading my Net Galley ARCs, so I hope to get to these. This one is out in November, so I won’t rush reading. But, I’ll be doing a blog tour with it so I kinda need to start it soon. 
  • Believarexic – This came out Oct. 1st, so I’m behind on reading it. I’m so excited to read it though, I love the cover and the description. It’s about a girl who has/is struggling with a combo of bulimia & anorexia. I can’t wait to read this, really.

There you have it. My large TBR for my trip. My summer vacation trip, I only read one book. So I tried to think logically and I added the ARCs in as a possibility. Have you read these? or been to Florida? This is my first time flying and going away anywhere. So, it’s a big deal!! Very excited.

I have some posts scheduled -T5W & TTT – as well as videos. So, I’ll ttys!

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3 thoughts on “Travel TBR

  1. Oh Carry On sounds so good! I was debating to either get that or Magnus Chase (they came out on the same day). I did end up getting Magnus Chase but I definitely want to be getting Carry On as well! 🙂


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