Top Ten Tuesday: Wishes I’d Ask the Book Genie to Grant Me!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & The Bookish.
This week’s topic: Top Ten Book Related Wishes I’d Ask My Own Personal Genie To Grant Me

Happy Tuesday, for today’s TTT topic I’m listing my dream bookish wish-list. Enjoy!

  1. Dear Genie… May I have every book I shelf to Goodreads appear on my shelf?
  2. Dear Genie… Is it possible to have an ever-growing bookshelf? tumblr_n2hpwt8QXe1s8r822o1_500
  3. Dear Genie… Please bring Levi (from Fangirl) to life, I’d like him to bring me unlimited Starbucks drinks. fangirl-levi
  4. Dear Genie…I NEED Eleanor & Park CLOSURE, PLEASE. PRETTY PLEASE? 15745753
  5. Dear Genie… I’d like to always smell the “new book” scent. tumblr_lxlmcuHI321qev7jqo1_r1_500
  6. Dear Genie…A passport to all my favorite book settings?tumblr_inline_nj89bizv6I1r6ih7v
  7. Dear Genie…I’d like to have a Platform 9/3 that transfers me to Hogwarts, whenever I’d like. hoggy
  8. Dear Genie…I’d like to spend a week with Rainbow Rowell, to mend our friendship. e5fe69c8d6cca3f6fa46390831db02f4
  9. Dear Genie…Can I have unlimited access to every book event?? 
  10. Dear Genie…I’d like to meet all of my Booktube friends, please!

There are probably many more wishes I’d like granted, but these are just the top ten. Thanks for reading! Are any of these on your wish-list?




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