Hello, everyone! Lately, since their sophomore album: Sounds Good, Feels Good released. I’ve been more fangirl than usual over these four boys. Which is totally okay with me! I actually created a separate tumblr just for my 5sos fandom-ness. Follow me if you want 5sos on your dashboard! So, this tag is unrelated to books but no worries I do have a 5sos book tag I did that i’ll put at the end of this post.

This tag was created by @Alexandra5SOS on YouTube, check her channel out here, she is a 5SOS fan based channel and creates videos all about 5SOS so make sure you subscribe to her! 😀

But I found the post at 5SOS Fam Connect’s Blog . Here are the questions, comment down below if you’re a 5SOS fan and who you’re favorite member is!

Q1. Who is your favourite member of 5 Seconds of Summer and Why?


Can’t really pick a favorite, but I used to be a Calum girl 4LYFE and then I started watching interviews and basically researching a lot of stuff w/ them and I can’t even decide, now. But, I guess for this question I’m going to say Ashton, b/c he’s closest to my age.

Q2. How did you find out about 5SOS?

I found out about 5sos briefly before the Take Me Home [One Direction] Tour which they opened at. It was love at first sight after that! So, thanks 1D boys for introducing me to my new favorite band. Sorry!

Q3. What is your favourite 5 Seconds of Summer Cover?


They’ve done a lot of good covers. But, being an All Time Low fan – it’s definitely their cover of Jasey Rae by ALT. Just Luke Hemmings vocals AMAZING, as always.

Q4. Favourite thing about the #5SOSFAMILY

To be honest, I don’t know much about the FAM only my internet friends that like them and they’re amazing people. But, overall I have seen that they’re very dedicated and on the same level of fangirl than me, so yay.

Q5. What is your favourite 5SOS song?

OK this isn’t a fair question. But, i’ll narrow it down.
5SOS: Long Way Home, Everything I Didn’t Say, Voodoo Doll
SGFG: The Girl Who Cried Wolf, Hey Everybody, Safety Pin

Q6. What 5 Seconds of Summer merch do you have?

I really don’t have much, since I didn’t want to spend much at the concert. But, I tend to get more. Right now  I just have this tank-top from Target.

Q7. Have you ever met 5SOS? tell us what happened!

NO I HAVEN’T 😥 But, I have been searching meet&greets and i’d definitely save my money and wait in a crazy line to meet them.

Q9. Draw 5SOS in under 3 minutes 

Ok.. In my defense I only had a black and purple marker. I’m sorry for this terrible drawing of them!


Q10. Describe 5SOS in one word

SILLY. They are very, very silly.


Thanks the end of the tag, this was a lot of  fun to do! If you’re a 5SOS fan I tag you! Hope you’re having a great day!





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