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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone *who is celebrating* has a a great, safe day and night! In honor of the holiday, I found the Giving Thanks Book Tag created on YouTube by Jen @ Prepare Your Shelf. These are just some questions asking you to give thanks to your book and book characters!



The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. Seriously, I would hate to live in a world like Illéa – no holidays, major consequences, ranked by number for status/class. I’m so thankful I don’t live in a world like that, ugh it’s terrible.


22886113 This book really made me think about things. Connor wrote this very well and I really felt refreshed and happy after reading this. It is very inspiring and impactful.


I was torn between many of my book boyfriends, but as always I chose Levi from Fangirl!



For this question, I didn’t have an exact answer. It is rare that I come across a character I’m just not feeling. I did end up choosing Colin Singleton (Abundance of Katherines) / Q from Paper Towns.





My wonderful friends. The friends I have made this year throughout Booktubing is truly amazing, they are more friends to me than my IRL friends and I am super thankful for them.

giphy (1)635834889692066640311430715_tumblr_nfeysozZll1qj4315o1_500-1

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 



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