I am attempting, for the first time a TBR jar! I picked 13 challenges from the Pop Sugar 2016 Reading Challenge that I will be trying to complete in 2016! Each month, I will pick one out of the jar and try to complete it! I will be documenting this on my blog in a page – soon to come in 2016. As well as a video each month (hopefully!)





  • A YA Bestseller
  • A book written by a celebrity
  • A book becoming a movie this year
  • A book from Oprah’s book club
  • A book based on a fairy tale
  • A book that takes place in summer
  • A book with blue on the cover
  • A book published in 2016
  • A book set in Europe
  • A dystopian
  • A book about a road trip
  • A New York Times Bestseller
  • A sci-fi novel

Are you doing a TBR jar or have you in the past? Let me know! 


9 thoughts on “MY FIRST TBR JAR! | 2016 things

  1. I’ve never done a TBR jar myself as I don’t like giving myself a strict list to stick to during the year, I just want to get all the books on my shelf read! But I loved the video! You gained a subscriber 🙂

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