Book Review: Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone (spoiler free)

 Every Last Word 

 Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
 Genre:  Young Adult, Contemporary

Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Publication Date:  June 16th 2015
Kindle: 368 pages

 My Rating: ★★★  

Isla and the Happily Ever After

This is an excellent story about a girl, Samantha who is struggling with OCD and anxiety. Personally, I haven’t struggled with OCD so I couldn’t relate to her in that way. But I could really relate to because she has a hard time with her friendship. She has been friends with a group of girls “The Crazy Eights” now only 4 of them. They do not treat her as friends should treat each other, they are toxic. She can’t let them go and move on. Friendship has always been my weakness, and I’ve dealt with this problem many times, holding onto friends who aren’t true friends.

Poetry is a major factor in this book. Sam is introduced to a secret poetry club; Poet’s Corner when she meets a girl, Caroline who takes her there. Poetry becomes a passion of hers and she meets new people during it; especially a love interest. Poet’s Corner helps Sam in various ways such as reflecting on her past when she meets AJ a former classmate, who she patches things up with.

AJ is an amazing character. He’s a song writer, and going through a break-up.  But, he’s also kind and sarcastic and caring. You really see how much he cares about Sam, he’s very different to her and he’s exactly what she needs. He doesn’t judge her habits or anything.

We are also introduced to another big part of Sam’s life, Sue aka Shrink-Sue. Sue is Sam’s psychiatrist, who is one of my favorite characters besides, Sydney. Sue is a great character to see. She doesn’t judge Sam and she helps in great ways. It’s nice to see that side of Sam, too.

Sam’s OCD and anxiety are written excellently. She has quirks such as the number three – everything has to be done in three’s and making playlists. Sam is also a swimmer, she has beat records and is trying to get a scholarship. Swimming is something that relaxes her and helps her with poems.

This story was executed brilliantly, and was very addicting. I couldn’t put it down! It was definitely a unique story, one I have never read before. Toward the end of the book, I was blown away by the *spoiler* that is revealed. It really made me love the book even more, because IMO it’s rare that a YA/Contemporary does this. It really captured Sam’s OCD in full.

This is a book everyone needs to pick up and start talking about. It’s incredible!

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