Hey, everyone! You should know how much I am obsessed with the show, Gilmore Girls if you’ve followed my blog for the past year or so. As soon as it came to Netflix, I was there & binge-watched the whole show and became obsessed: I created a Book Tag, changed my Tumblr url, and started to become Rory/Lorelai Gilmore.



Well, it has been officially confirmed that Netflix is bringing the Gilmore Girl fans a revival series! OHMYGOD All the feels!



I’ve seen many posts/articles around the Internet with ‘what we hope to see’ in the revival series. So, I obviously had to jump aboard and share my own!

Here are the top 5 things I hope to see in the revival. Comment down below what you hope to see and your excitement about the news!

1. The Dragonfly Inn looking pretty AF and very successful. Really, just Lorelai super successful with her life’s plans. Add Sookie to this note, too b/c she’s part of the Dragonfly Inn. I know that Melissa McCarthy is really popular now and may not have time…but it’s not complete w/o her.sookie-gif

2. Richard Gilmore honored by the family, or just acknowledged for his greatness and gratitude. Possibly, Rory wrote a speech for him or something.. Yale honoring him? Many possibilities.



3.  LANE/HEP ALIEN- I really enjoy Lane and Rory’s friendship, we are left off with Lane married to Zack with twins and I did see that she’s going to be in the cast. So, initally I need HEP Alien to come back to Stars Hollow. gghephepalien

4.  JESS. – Ok, Jess was my favorite and I want to know what his character is up to. I hope he’s a famous author and married. He doesn’t have to be with Rory, but I hope that they are still good friends. tumblr_nu4a64TYyG1tan2s6o1_250

5.  Luke and Lorelai – I think this is an obvious one, we need closure!! or for them to just be together and a power couple. I did read that we should be getting Luke’s Diner, so I just hope they still have their amazing chemistry!! & coffee.



Basically, I’m really, really excited!! Gilmore Girls is something that is really special to me & the characters are close to my heart. Can’t wait to see what they do with this, I’ll definitely be posting episode recaps once it airs!!



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