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Today’s Topic: Best Suggested Books You Loved (books recommended to you)

I really like today’s topic! Some of the past T5W topics, I didn’t relate to. Therefore, I couldn’t participate. I’m so glad to be participating today!

  1. Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone My best Booktube friend, Vee LOVES this book so much and whenever one of my friends can recommend me a contemporary, I’m very okay with it b/c most of my friends read fantasy and dystopian’s. Anyway, I’m so so glad she pressured me to read this because IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT AND SO GOOD.
  2. The D.U.F.F. by Kody Keplinger – Another Booktube friend, LOVES this book and she mentions it whenever she gets a chance. I’m so glad that she raved so much about this because I finally got to reading it last summer and enjoyed the hell out of it! I really enjoyed it and now it’s one of my favorites.
  3. Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley – Okay, let’s just make this post the books I was rec’d by Booktube *changes title* because here’s another Booktuber recommended book.. But, thanks to Jesse @ Jessethereader because I loved this!! and I need to re-read it soon.
  4. Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling– Before I started blogging and Booktubing, I hadn’t read Harry Potter, I was a movie fan. My friend IRL and an Internet friend both persuaded me to read the first book, so December 2014, I purchased and read book one and I’m so happy I did.
  5. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman  – This was an overall Booktube recommendation and I was always curious about reading more of Neil Gaiman since I read the Graveyard Book the year before. I still think about this book and whenever I see it in a bookstore I get super happy. I loved this book so much it was fantastic. It has perfect spook but the story is also very interesting and addicting; the suspense is truly there. Ugh, I love this.




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