Zac & Mia

 Author: A.J. Betts
 Genre:  Young Adult, Contemporary

Publisher: HarperCollins Canada
Publication Date:  March 25th 2014
Paperbacks: 272 pages

 My Rating: ★★ 

Isla and the Happily Ever After

Throughout alternating perspectives, we meet Zac and Mia who are both Australian cancer patients; later in remission. Zac and Mia are very great characters, throughout the story we get to really get to know them as characters before knowing them together. Zac has a great family, which is focused on in this book and Mia is trying to escape her life.

One day, Zac hears a new patient come into the room next door, he asks his mom to scope out who it is and such. Zac is greeted by Mia when she starts blasting a Lady Gaga song in her room on repeat and won’t stop. He starts banging on the wall to get her to stop, but…she doesn’t. Eventually, Mia knocks back and knocking becomes their “thing”.

giphy (2)

While reading this book, I felt Red Band Society vibes, which is a show that aired on FOX set in a hospital. This book felt like it focused on the RBS characters, Leo (Zac) and Kara (Mia). Their personalities are very, very similar. Mia is a popular girl who really wears her ♥ on her sleeve. Zac is a witty, friendly, & all around nice guy who is in-love with Emma Watson. He’s such a nerd! He’s binged all the Harry Potter movies one day when he was bored!  I WANT TO WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN NOW. #riprbs

They both have different reactions towards their cancer. Mia is very angry and aggressive toward it by shutting people out such as her boyfriend, her mom and her friends. Mia feels that she has to escape and just keeps running as far as she possibly can…like to Zac’s farm/home?

Like I mentioned, Zac has a great sense of humor and is a very nice guy. But, he’s obsessed with statistics. He’s constantly reading cancer statistics and thinking about them, a lot. His internet history probably consists of Facebook, Emma Watson, cancer stories and statistics. Zac learns a lot about cancer statistics by the end of this book.

Emotion is a main focus throughout this book. We are able to see Mia’s emotions toward  getting cancer, post-cancer and how-to be a friend. Zac is so good for her, he shows her what it’s like to be a friend and she ends up being very grateful for him and their friendship really develops. We see Zac at his best and at his worst, which is very interesting because we meet Zac when he’s very cheery and seeing him almost mute is really upsetting. This book isn’t very sad, but there are some parts that are heartbreaking.

I rated this 4/5 stars because the book is written in Australian with slang and areas that I was very confused b/c I am American and this is throughout the whole book. Although, I’m sort-of educated in Aussie now! I was just confused when the Aussie slang & stuff was mentioned.

You should definitely go pick this book up, I highly recommend it! This story is very different and Zac & Mia are very great characters with nice character development. If my review intrigued you, definitely go pick this one up especially to experience Zac’s humor.

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