LEO FINALLY WON AN OSCAR!!! YAY!! In honor of this, I’m bringing you the Leonardo DiCaprio Book tag!

Created by gingerreadslainey; video.



1. Growing Pains. – A book you read before it got famous/hyped up/popular.


I feel that this book is just underhyped, and everyone should read it! (Trigger Warning: Suicide). But, I was one of the few people to read it before everyone started to pick it up.


2. Tobey Maguire. – Your favorite book best friends.


Greg & Earl – they’re such a great pairing, Earl’s one of my favorite characters.


3. Kate Winslet. – Your OTP.

4c269-19174917_zpsfc098c7bCATH AND LEVI FOREVER. even though Levi is mine.


4. Titanic. – A book that made you cry or emotionally upset if you don’t cry 😉


I don’t cry at books, it’s weird. But, this trilogy definitely made me tear up for the last two books and broke my heart.

5. Martin Scorsese. – An author you will always buy their books no matter what.

fangirl-leviRainbow Rowell, of course! #autobuyauthor

6. VS Models. – A genre you will always go back to.


Definitely YA Contemporary or just Contemporary in general. I do try and branch out to other genre’s but this is a gerne I always go back to.

7. Happy Meme Leo. – A character that makes you smile.


PETER KAVINSKY!!! My other book boyfriend. Seriously, once he comes into the book I fangirl!

8. Every Leo character. – Your favorite complexed characters.


I believe that Ezra and Cassidy are complex characters.

9. Leonardo NoOSCARo (but now he does!!) – A book that doesn’t get the recognition is deserves!


Everyone needs to read this to give it more recognition! It’s such a good Contemporary.


I tag whoever would like to do this! 

Happy Reading 🙂


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