Hello! I wanted to update on my reading and also just wanted to track my reading.

Currently Reading:


Recently finished reading:


I’m so glad that I got around to Never Never Pt 3. The trilogy  very suspenseful & your heart is constantly racing. Though…part three really fell short for me. I was so disappointed!

To read next:

Not sure which one…but I started You Are Here when I was in the car for a long time yesterday. But, I chose Never Never instead. Also, I have Signs Point to Yes from the library.


What are you currently reading?!



3 thoughts on “MY RECENT READS: 3/17/16

  1. Like you, I enjoyed the first two Never Never parts, but the third was a total disappointment. Such a cheesy ending! I almost threw my kindle against the wall… And that would have been ugly. 😉


      1. The cheesy ending just didn’t fit the rest of the story… With so many possibilities, it didn’t feel right to have Never Never end this way. I vote for having them write an alternative and more creative ending!


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