Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish People To Follow!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & The Bookish.
This week’s topic: Ten Bookish People You Should Follow On Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Snapchat/Facebook — you pick the platform of your choice to talk about all the interesting bookish people to follow!  If you don’t use social media much you can pick your favorite bookish blogs or new blogs you’ve come across to follow.

I love this topic!! I am active on all the social medias from YouTube to Tumblr. I follow so many bookish accounts, it’s insane. Here are my top ten faves who you should be following if not already!



Trina @ Between Chapters

I love Trina! I don’t read many of the books that she does. But, she always has a great outlook on them. Especially her reviews, she tells why she didn’t like it and why the viewer might. She’s great!

Sara @ SarawithoutanH

Sara is hilarious!! Definitely go check her out. She posts geunine videos about the books she reads, vlogs her readathons, & does wrap-ups. I love watching her channel b/c of her witty, saracastic sense of humor.

Rebecca @ WhyMermaids

I watch almost every video Rebecca posts. She is a Harry Potter lover and you can catch her mentioning it almost every video. She has great energy and I just love watching her!

I’ve been following Jacquelyn for about a year now, and I love her tweets. I like seeing her organized “to-be-read” list and seeing her thoughts on what she’s read or is going to read or new releases. Also, her library hauls! Blog. 
Jenny Han — @jennyhan
As my favorite author, I follow her on Twitter. She is a riot and so relatable! Also, MUCH USE OF BITSTRIPS.

Becky Albertalli — @beckyalbertalli
I love Becky, she’s hilarious and always interactive with fans! She’s replied to every tweet I’ve tweeted at her. She’s honest in her tweets and also praising books!

Alexandra — @TwirlingPages

It amazes me how many bloggers I find on Twitter before I find their blog. Alexandra is very nice and recently she’s been tweeting bookish aesthetics. They’re gorgeous! She posts ARC giveaways when she’s decluttering.  BLOG



I hope that you all will go subscribe // follow everyone I mentioned. I just love their content! 


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