newbirdIf you could free yourself of your flaws, who would you be?

We all have things about ourselves that we wish we could change. (If only, we all think, I were prettier, taller. Or, I wish I could make my nose smaller, get rid of the scar on my chin, not have such frizzy hair, clear up my skin…) If your fantasy was granted, and what you perceive to be your biggest flaw was magically erased, how would it change you? Would you behave differently? Would you finally talk to your crush, go out for the lead in the play? Would you step into the spotlight? Would you finally be brave enough to make your mark?


“The theaters in my own hometown proived the genesis for my new YA novel, Spark. Let me invite you to dim the lights and draw back the velvet curtains—let your imagination run wild as you enter my fictional Avery Theater, where literally anything goesHolly Schindler

“In Quin, Schindler has crafted a quick-witted, white protagonist who draws readers into her search for answers about her family’s past as well as the Avery’s. Scenes set in the past are rich with authentic voices and period detail, and Schindler’s crisp prose flows easily between the past and the present. Even when it seems impossible for the show to go on, Schindler’s imaginative story will have readers rooting for Quin and her classmates to ‘break a leg.’ A tale of love, family, and friendship, tailor-made for readers who believe in the mystery and magic of the theater.”
Kirkus Reviews




Spark is Holly Schindler’s fourth YA. (Previously releases include A Blue So Dark, Playing Hurt, and Feral.) Her YAs have received starred reviews in Booklist and Publishers Weekly, won silver and gold medals in ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year and the IPPY Awards, respectively, been featured on Booklist’s Best First Novels for Youth and School Library Journal’s What’s Hot in YA, and been chosen as a PW Pick of the Week.





**Thank you to Edelweiss and HarperTeen for providing an e-copy of Spark for The Fantastic Flying Book Club Book Tours. **

Spark is the story of an old town theater, The Avery closed in 1947 and two star-crossed lovers Nick and Emma, their tragedy within the town of Verona, Missouri. This is the story Quin has been hearing forever from her mother, Dahlia (Ms. Drewery) who had witnessed the incident.   

Verona High is planning their senior project for their Advanced Drama class. Students face their insecurities by performing the last show put on at the Avery; Anything Goes! in  order to raise money to reopen the Avery. The passion of Quin, the main character and her mother for the Avery is ecstatic and alive!  I love seeing passionate characters in books and this is one that really hit that for me! 

The premise of the story was so interesting. I haven’t read many books about theater and being a Hamilton fan..I was excited! Ms. Drewery – the drama teacher – had me constantly picturing her as Mrs. Darbus from High School Musical, haha! Who doesn’t think HSM when you hear theater? Just me? 

The beginning is a little slow, but after a few chapters it really starts! Magical Realism plays into this story and I feel that it was done very well. Magical realism is such an interesting concept and tying it into this story was brilliant! We get to see the Avery come to life…literally. 

This was such an interesting read and I really enjoyed the concepts! I was never one to do theater in school because I didn’t like the fact of performing and getting on stage. But, I was definitely very proud of the characters in this story for coming out of their comfort zones! 

Overall, if you’re interested in the storyline and theater/Broadway; especially Anything Goes then you should pick this up on the release date, May 17th! 



The Fantastic Flying Book Club





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