Signs Point to Yes

 Author: Sandy Hall 
 Genre:  Young Adult, Contemporary

Publisher:  Swoon Reads
Publication Date: October 20th 2015
Paperback: 288 Pages

 My Rating: ★★

A Little Something Different
 If only Jane’s Magic 8 Ball could tell her how to get through the summer. With her “perfect” sister, Margo, home for her “perfect” internship, Jane is not going to be able to spend the summer writing fan fiction, as she had planned. And her emergency babysitting job requires Jane to spend the whole summer in awkward proximity to her new crush, Teo, a nerdy-hot lifeguard with problems of his own. With his best friend out of town, Teo finds himself without anyone to confide in…except Jane. Will Jane and Teo be able to salvage each other’s summer? Even the Magic 8 Ball doesn’t have an answer…but signs point to yes.

I was so glad to dive into a new Sandy Hall book. Since discovering her last autumn, I wanted to read Signs Point to Yes, very badly!!

It was different from her debut, A Little Something Different (and that will always be my fave) but I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was very diverse and interesting, no insta-love. The thing I love most about Hall’s writing is that she builds up the romance as in the MC’s forming a crush and going through that crush. Though, everyone around them has the “just get together, already!!!” mind-set.
Jane is looking for a summer job to get away from the house and her mother nagging her about college decisions and living up to her sister, Margo’s achievements. She can’t spend all summer writing crossover fanfiction of Doctor Who and her other favorite BBC shows. Jane ends up landing a babysitting job of three young girls around the corner from her house. Teo Gracia lives here — whose friend Ravi, is NOT a fan of her due to an incident in middle school.

Teo Gracia has been sporadically searching for his father and trying to deal with his stepfather, Buck ordering him around the house. His mother always brushed off the idea of Teo’s biological father. Teo spends most of his summer lifeguarding at the local pool. Little does he know, Jane is going to become very significant this summer.

Margo is her parents prized possession child, she’s finished her internship for the summer and her first year of college..She’s contemplating the idea of telling her parents that she is bi-sexual.

Sandy Hall packs in many heavy messages into this light, fluffy contemporary. I love Sandy Hall’s writing process and storytelling because she can write a great contemporary filled with messages that need to be implemented more. I rarely read about bi-sexual fictional characters and Margo was definitely a great one.
A mini-roadtrip is involved in this story when Margo, Teo’s friend, Ravi and Jane set off to drive from Pennsylvania to Illinois! I love books that feature road trips, so this was a plus for me!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about contemporary as Realistic Fiction and trying to see it. Signs Point to Yes is definitely Realistic Fiction as the aspects Hall implemented into the story were very IRL situations.

Recommend this for Doctor Who fans, fanfiction lovers, and just everyone who can relate to this story. This is a perfect summer read, if you’re looking for one! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall [spoiler free]

  1. I thought this book was so cute!! I haven’t read her other book yet but I’ve heard such fantastic things about it. Jane and Teo were so cute together and I loved them going on an adventure to find his dad.


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