Since the Twitter discussion #ISupportDiversity, I thought it was the perfect time to do this book tag about diverse books. In this video, I recommend diverse books based on the questions.

Created by: Green Eggs & Sam on Booktube 

Questions —

1) Why does diversity matter to you?
2) Find a diverse author?
3) Find a diverse lead character (preferably not from above author).
4) Find a book with a cast full of diverse characters.
5) Find a book where a diverse character is not a stereotype.
6) Find a character with whom you can identify.
7) Find a relationship with different diversities.
8) Find a book with a disabled (mental or physical) character.
9) Find a book with an LGBTQiA+ character (bonus if the character gets into a relationship).
10) Reflection. How hard was it to find books?


» We Need Diverse Books   »  DiversityinYA   » DiversifYA   » DiverseAThon


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