I recently uploaded a Booktube video on Goodreads LIFE HACKS! These are very useful and I hope they help you to use Goodreads a little bit better!


  1. Goodreads Right Click – This is an extension for Google Chrome to help you search for books easier. This is by far my favorite hack! unnamed
  2. Add your bookstore or library to Book Links! – This is super helpful for those who like to know if their library has a certain book or your favorite bookstore. genie2_tray 9162016 111827 PM.bmp.jpgGo to your Settings > Book Links > On the right is a list of libraries & bookstores. Choose your bookstore or library and click Add!  Then, your bookstore/library will show up when you click books & if they have the book in stock!
  3. Compare Books – You can click Compare Books with your friends on Goodreads! genie2_tray 9162016 112749 PM.bmp.jpg It will send you to this page if you Compare Books with your friends. It will show a graph!

genie2_tray-9162016-112838-pm-bmpYou can also do a Compatibility Test with your friends to see how similar or different your reading taste is similar or different! genie2_tray 9162016 113417 PM.bmp.jpg


I hope you all enjoyed this post and it will be helping you use Goodreads easier!


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