Hi, everyone! Happy Friday, I posted a video just recently and I recommended books based on some tv shows. With Gilmore Girls Revival coming up I’ve been thinking about books and tv shows lately. I hope you enjoy this post! Watch my video here.

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I recently read this book about a month or two ago and I loved it! This is about James and he is hiding his sexuality from his family and friends. Something happens to a kid in school and this really starts to worry him. This book represents coming out very well and how people will be bullied for their sexuality.

This book reminded me of the character, Riley in Degrassi the Next Generation Season 11. Riley is not openly gay and he is hiding his boyfriend from his father and goes through many struggles because of his sexuality.

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I had to include A Study in Charlotte because it’s pretty obvious! This is a Sherlock and Watson retelling following their great grandchildren. They’re framed for a murder at their school and try to get down to the bottom of it. Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes are a great team and I loved reading about their adventures. Charlotte especially because she’s super witty!

I haven’t seen Sherlock, but this made me want to watch it now! But, if you’re a Sherlockian (is that the fandom word?) you will appreciate this YA Retelling!

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The Rosie Project is perfect if you enjoy the show The Big Bang Theory. Our MC Don Tillman is a professor of genetics in Australia and talks and walks just like Sheldon Cooper! He’s quite literal, just like Sheldon.  Don is on a mission to find a wife and creates the Wife Project a survey for women to fill out. Later, he meets Rosie when she knocks on his door and he helps her find her father with The Father Project.

This book is an adorable adult novel and it’s written as a screenplay so it’s easy to read! And if you end up wanting more of Rosie and Don, go read the sequel The Rosie Effect!

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If you were one of the many people that got to see the show, Red Band Society before evil Fox cancelled the show you’ll love Zac and Mia by A.J. Betts. This is set in Australia (like the Rosie Project!) and focuses on two teens Zac and Mia as they go through their cancer treatments. This is written in dual perspective as we see Zac meet Mia for the first time when blasting a Lady Gaga song through the walls.

If you watched Red Band Society, Zac and Mia are very similar to Leo and Kara – who had a fling?? kind of? — Zac was an athlete as was Leo. Mia is a partier and very careless, such as Kara. Trust me, if you liked Red Band Society read this book!


Those are my book recommendations based on TV Shows. What book would you recommend with a tv show??


7 thoughts on “Book Recs Based on TV Shows

  1. Omg I loved watching Degrassi when I was younger! One of my favorite shows! I don’t watch it anymore because all the good characters are gone, but ah well.


  2. I’m actually taking your advice the opposite way around, because I’ve barely seen any of those shows, but almost all the books are on my tbr. Hopefully I find some good ones 🙂


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