Top Ten Tuesday: Movies I’ve Recently Watched and LOVED!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & The Bookish.
Today’s Topic: MOVIE FREEBIE!
I’m going to add where you can watch these if you’d like to! These are the top 5 movies I’ve recently watched and loved + 5 underrated movies to watch!

1. Moonrise Kingdom (Netflix) – This is my most highly recommended movie to watch. It’s so fantastic!! It’s an Independent movie about this boy scout who has a secret girlfriend and they go adventuring together. It’s super cute and just so well done!

Image result for moonrise kingdom tumblr gif

2. Sixteen Candles  (Netflix) – I watched this in full recently with an Entangled Teen Twitter Watch Party which made it all more fun! I’ve seen bits and pieces of this movie but not the full thing, it was great!!Image result for sixteen candles tumblr gif

3.  Zootopia (Netflix) – I’ve seen this many times since the first time I watched it and since I work in a daycare environment we have watched this too many times.  The first time around it was fantastic! I love the humor and the hidden easter eggs in it! It’s such a well done animated movie.

Image result for zootopia gif tumblr

4. Big Hero 6 (Amazon Video) – My boyfriend and I recently watched this on Plex which is basically a movie database you can watch movies on. Since we watched ZooTopia we wanted to watch something else from the same people that created it. This was AMAZING. I really wish I had seen it sooner! But I’m glad I did see it now. If you haven’t watched it…it’s a must! Side note: it’s sad, so just know that!

Image result for big hero 6 tumblr gif

5. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (IN THEATERS) – I can’t stop thinking about this movie since it got me invested into the series! I thought it was so good having not read the book and I immediately picked up the first book in the series.Image result for miss peregrine's movie tumblr gif


6.  Stuck in Love (NETFLIX) – If you love Nat Wolff, Logan Lerman and Lily Collins this movie is right up your alley! It’s about a family of writers/authors dealing with divorce and it’s set during Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite movies, I highly recommend it! Image result for stuck in love tumblr gif

7. Cyberbully (NETFLIX) – This is one of my favorite ABC FAMILY movies. It features Emily Osment from HANNAH MONTANA and it really portrays cyberbullying very well.

Image result for cyberbully movie gif

8.  That Awkward Moment (Amazon Video) – I’ll literally watch anything that Miles Teller is in because I love him so much. Celebrity crush – Miles Teller. He was awesome in this movie with Zac Efron, it was really good & hilarious!

Image result for that awkward moment movie tumblr gif

9. The Switch (Amazon Prime) – This was on Netflix a while ago and I remember loving it so much. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman when he gets drunk one night at Kassie (Jen Aniston) and becomes her sperm donor by accident. It’s a super cute, heartfelt romance!

Image result for the switch movie gif

10.  Read it and Weep (Netflix) – I miss Disney original movies because they were SO GOOD!! This is one of my favorites, probably because I’m a book lover. The romance is adorable and Mindy from Drake & Josh is in it?!??!

Image result for read it and weep movie gif

This was such a fun post since I usually post about books! What’s one of your favorite underrated movies?


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