I was recently inspired by Eventbrite to share my favorite authors I would want to see speak on a panel at a book conference. There are so many authors I could answer for this! Book lovers I ask you to put together your dream panel of authors (or characters) through a post of your own or down in the comments below.

eventbrite_wordmark_orange Eventbrite is the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events. Plan and find book conferences in your area by going to their website! Signing up is free, then you can search away! This is how I found my very first author signing featuring Susan Dennard’s release, Truthwitch on Galentine’s Day. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

If you’ve been to any book conference, most likely there are panels where authors are talking about certain topics in writing such as Diversity in Romance which was a panel at Bookcon 2016.

Now that you know more about author panels, I am going to create my dream panel!

Where would it be? This is the first and most important because the panel can’t happen without a setting! I really like panels that are set in B&N outside of conferences. It feels more unique when the authors are coming to you, rather than you’re coming to them!

Who would be on your panel? I’d love to see my favorite contemporary YA authors moderate a panel together. Jenny Han, Rainbow Rowell, Morgan Matson, Jennifer E. Smith, and Stephanie Perkins. 

Image result for jenny han Image result for rainbow rowell Image result for morgan matson Image result for jennifer e smith

Image result for stephanie perkins

Now that I have the authors on the panel. What will the panel focus on?  There are so many ideas from contemporary young adult lit. These authors all have something in common from their books which is family. This panel will be Families in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction. This is a topic that many readers talk about, where are the families? Why isn’t there just a mom and dad or f/f m/m? Most of the time I read this genre and see only the father present as a parental figure. I think this is a great topic for these authors to talk about since they all write families into their books. For example, Stephanie Perkins writes two fathers in Lola and the Boy Next Door.

Some questions that I’ve compiled: 

  • Do you write your fictional families based off of your own families?
  • What is the most important thing when it comes to writing families in your novel?
  • Are there books you’ve read with little to no family present and what are your thoughts, is it a turnoff for you?
  • Of the families you’ve all written, which would you most want to be in (can’t pick your own that you have written!)?
  •  Are there any fictional families that you base writing families in YA off of?
  • How do you make writing families into your novels relatable to your audience?

This was such a fun post and now I want this panel to come alive!! What is your dream author panel, leave a comment! Go check out Eventbrite to find more book conferences in your area! Thanks again to Eventbrite for contacting me, this was such a fun post to write!



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